This system will track the vehicles in real time and monitor the performance of the equipment.

Green Neec is actively involved in creating stronger and longer working relationships with its Clients and Suppliers. It provides immediate and reliable service to exceed expectations and goals. It offers commercial flow management, import and export services, and project management with its Partners. Green Neec is operates in 6 countries. It is dedicated to providing quality products and services, sourcing from leading manufacturers, and providing timely knowledge about the market. The company is part of the Green Neec group of companies, focused on servicing the Oil & Gas Industry. It provides products, services, and solutions to meet operational challenges. Its fleet is equipped with a Vehicle Management System, connected to the group’s ERP system to track vehicles in real time and monitor equipment performance.


Our Vision

Green Neec is to foster growth and promote enduring business ties with its Customer. Customer responsiveness and commitment are the driving force in the quest for excellence.

Mud Storage & Mixing Tank

Our Mission

  • Striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the Client.
  • Provide Quality Products & Reliable Services and sourcing from Leading Manufacturers.
  • Give timely knowledge to the Client regarding trends of the market dynamics Harnessing the creative energies of all our people through teamwork, development and a transparent work environment